We are happy to speak with anyone. For press or media please click here. 

Email Preferred

Please feel free to contact us when required via email.

It is advantageous, helpful and more effective if you can persuade high ranking individuals or known persons to intercede on your behalf when initially attempting to contact us for any reason.


Please be clear what you need from us. For instance, do you want to partner, work on a project, learn from us, buy a product, be a reseller or use our help as a reseller, do you need information, apply for a job, etc.

General Enquiries

WhatsApp message us on 0094-7777-60-555 or write a short email to if you have any general enquiries, and we will respond if necessary.


We will not respond if we are not interested at this time. 

Office Hours  

Our Office Hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays. However, we'll try to respond when we can do so as we prioritise our communications with existing enterprise customers.


We can call back at a time and in a time zone you indicate is convenient for you in your WhatsApp message or email correspondence to us.

Email or WhatsApp Classification Protocol for Sensitive Correspondence

If you are sending sensitive information in your business email or WhatsApp message, kindly do the following:


  1. Use only 50 to 125 words at most.

  2. Write below the message salutation: "Classification: xyz" and replace xyz with Top Secret, Secret, Confidential, Privileged or Sensitive. Our email servers detect/ divert any email sent to containing any such Classification only to our Chief Executive Officer who will not share this information.

  3. Do not attach anything onto the email, especially not a password protected file -- as these are viewed as security risks. If you need to attach a file, share a WeTransfer link or if you need to share a document, please copy paste or print screen and paste onto the body of the message text or share images on WhatsApp describing what it is.

Enterprise Customer Enquiries

Existing enterprise customers are assigned a relationship manager. Our 24/7 available relationship manager can handle any sales, technical or business enquiries.  If the challenge cannot be solved by us, we'll coordinate with international partners to find solutions. 


Potential enterprise customers can email and we'll select a relationship manager for you who can handle your sales, technical and business enquiries. 

Communications Strategies

We stopped using our automated general line and fax machine because we did not enjoy using either. We prefer to use Zoom, WhatsApp and email for business communications. We direct dial or WhatsApp phone dial key contacts.


We use English Language for business as it is the most popular standard, however, we can try arrange for translation if required. Some of our senior officers are multilingual.

Office Visits

Please only visit our office at the correct time at No. 17 Dr Milina Sumathipala Mawatha, Colombo 10 -- Maradana after having obtained written permission via email correspondence with our Chairman because of security concerns for us and top level leaders with their offices situated nearby. 

If you do not wish to use WhatsApp as we recommend, you may use the email form below:

Thanks! Message sent.