I hope we can assist the modernization and delivery of COYLE member firms' exports to better markets. A lot of these firms are not earning as much as they should be. We sadly have been poorly positioned. We will reposition like Singapore, so that MNCs can easily connect with our leading Sinhalese businesses. I feel that Ceylon Chamber of Commerce has taken the lead on South Asian firms and also certain US MNCs to a lesser extent. With our new trading advantages, we expect our local firms to grow quickly as their exports will be more competitive. We should have been doing this a long time ago. 

Founders of COYLE

We hope to protect the global minority Sinhalese through our efforts. To improve social outcomes, and to survive, we try provide COYLE member companies with new advanced technologies. We will request support for big undertakings.

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We are not permitted to reveal the strictly confidential and officially state secret work we do: deal making and plans for technology to provide cyber security or public security, cannot be discussed. 

We have good friendships with the people running the important organisations such as the military, banks and telcos--

they know who we are and they honour us.


We often go to fun events regarding cyber security.