22.Jan:4. Approving customers; Defending Hans Wijayasuriya's name; BitTorrent's Bram Cohen appears!

We pre-approve customers for honesty to prevent direct dealings with criminals who ask for bribes; Sohli Captain visits sister Perin

wk 49 in 2021: Saturday, December 4th at 6:15 p.m. Transcript: 1 - 5 minutes: Seems to be Lehan is pissed off today. Complains about Harsha Wannigatunga again. Discusses why we pre-approved "customers". Oh wow, it is pretty cool, how this guy's CV is illustrious. I was talking to Sohli Captain, who says he is visiting his sister Perin, who was married to Lalith Athulatmudalli. Sohli is Parsi (Zoroastrian), his fellow Parsi Ratan Tata is doing the General Dynamics F15 or F16 project in India. Some dude called Lindsay Pereira complained about Harsha Wannigatunga and Kapila Ariyaratne at Seylan Bank. I (Lehan is) am sorry I didn't report it to you.

Standing up for Doctor Hans Wijayasuriya against James Clegg at Bug Crowd who insulted Hans' character, requesting that Hans should be paid bribes in exchange for corruptly approving Axiata deals

5 - 10 minutes: "I was only angry when someone insulted Dr Hans". "Dr Hans Wijeysuriya is the only one I admire". "I'm very proud of Dr Hans" "The reason I was angry is because the guy who said it is British, as though, he is our colonial master." "I don't like how they mock us when drinking tea, by saying, 'Ceylon' bla bla bla". "Luckily, we record everything" "It's quite sad, really" "I am waiting for an apology, the guy (James Clegg, MD EMEA BugCrowd) has resigned or left the project" "We are talking to media outlets about it" "I am sorry about writing adversely about Harsha" "You don't have anything to be afraid of" "I am also a Christian" "I don't go regularly after Easter Sunday attacks" "I go to various churches" which are listed out, such as King's Revival Church, All Saint's Church (Catholic) with my maid, I even went to see Wow Church with Kirby" "Seylan Bank's guys complained, said they don't do much business with Sumathi IT or Just In Time Group" "Jagath Sumathipala (uncle) sacked Indrajith Jayaratne, Indrajith told me that we can supply certain technologies via Sumathi, and Jit also said he is doing interbanking terminals, so I was confused"

Sharing advanced technology knowledge with friends in Sri Lanka

11 - 15 minutes: "I will share contacts and technology, most with Jit Warnakulasuriya, because he has the best personal chemistry with myself (Lehan)" "I won't introduce important people to Gamini at Infomatics, or Nayana Dehigama at Epic Technology because I don't know, I wasn't able to communicate with them" "I would want to meet people who know people" "I didn't it's negligent to pick fights with people who are important or responsible for high tech" "Dinesh Saparamadu, they worship those people we know, so it is a bad idea -- they don't know the people behind the high tec companies such as Timothy Cook" "someone like Gamini will get into a big fight with Mark Zuckerberg, if you are introduced" "Pasan Manukith, Ajith Salgado, will get into serious fights with these people running big tech-maybe Harsha will get along with them" "We'll have to speak to Kris if we want to get Madu on board with our company as he's not an elephant that can't be taught to fly, he is a peacock" "I am only pulling a prank on Stephen LaBrooy aout the DBU" "I don't Gamini at Infomatics" "Only masonic brother Stephen was about to click with Lehan (third person reference), until Jacques came along and became Lehan's new Jewish dad (Robert Kiyosaki)"

77 year old Jacques knows BitTorrent and steganography like Lehan; Jonathan's friend Bram Cohen started up BitTorent although not for stealing stuff; Stephen LaBrooy is affectionately titled "Seeya"

16 - 20 minutes: "Jacques knows BitTorrent, knows steganography, Jonathan's friend Bram Cohen started bittorent" "I am not a bully" "It should be Stephen Seeya and not brother Steven because Steve is 85 years old now and Lehan is 28" "I told my younger relatives and the next generation of my family to call me Lehan and not Lehan aiya or uncle" "Jacques wasn't upset when I called him Jacques old, so, I don't call him old" "I am just joking when I tell Stephen we can grab his Dutch Burgher Union near Reid Avenue" "We aren't going to lynch a Muslim if he throws a Buddha statue or a Buddhist prayer poster in the bin the way about 100 people have burnt a Sinhala man alive in Pakistan, so you can understand how the Ampara Muslim eatery had weaponized drugs against Sinhalese patrons/ diners has happened in Sri Lanka in the past or Wasim Thajudeen was a plot against the Rajapaksa family" "We should cooperate with minorities" "David Colin Thome is the new president of DBU" "Stephen is living far away, not in Colombo, so he couldn't make it to my dad's 15 death anniversary" "I don't think it's bullying--I like to tell jokes."

Condemns violence in unstable Pakistan; Shares thoughts on Rajapaksa controlling Duminda Silva properly; Feels that it is important to cooperate when on same side

21 - 25 minutes: "Even when the Sinhalese guy was being burnt alive, people were still throwing things in the fire in Pakistan" "I don't want to give any political instructions" "Oh look Tatiyana Lee, cousin Puthula's friend, I look up to the Rajapaksa family, they are heroes, they are the royal family of Sri Lanka" "It was disgraceful how Thilanga (uncle) fought Duminda Silva during the Colombo campaign--Mahinda Rajapaksa should have been more strict on them" "I shook hands with Duminda Silva, I was 17 years old" "Mahinda is more strict that Gotabaya" "It was blue on blue fire" "They should've been working together" "The real enemy are the you-know-what who are trying to pit us Sinhalese against each other" "Vincent and Raynor Silva and Lal helped my cousin Wagisha releasing Paththini movie" "I can give a few defense projects to Nissanka Senadaphiti, owner at Avant Garde" (Continued)

Jan 01, 2022 7:02:37am

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