22.Jan:5. Gota surcharges 25% tax; Education must be used right; Bad perceptions of Muslims and Jews

People are blaming Gotabaya; Cousin Chadu angry about 25% tax surcharge on company profits

Transcript: 25 - 30 minutes: "People are blaming Gotabaya for everything" "750,000 people died in the US for Covid" "100s of 1,000,000s of jobs are displaced" "countries are having problems such as energy or food" "We can't just blame Gotabaya" "I don't want to put family members on the spot" "I also regret complaining about the 25% surcharge" "If a new company is investing FDI in SL, they will get a waiver or discount" "I doubt Axiata is paying full corp taxes as they represent over $1b in Foreign Direct Investment into Sri Lanka" "We should be alright, not have to worry about 25% surcharge, as it's reasonable" "We should show loyalty and patience" "I was due to receipt of bad news reports temporarily upset at the Moslem community in the morning due to the bad news of a lynching, but I understood they were not all guilty, PM Imran Khan is not responsible for it" "America killed 50m+ Aboriginal Native American Red Indians, it was a song called Colors of the Wind, I changed it to Colors of Allah to help the Muslim community"

The education system is very important, it has to be used properly; Moderna owner may have prejudice against terrorists; Very negative perceptions of Muslims globally

31 - 35 minutes: Nazi school curriculum condemned Jewish minorities; programming the population to commit Holocaust "Moderna Mode RNA owner is Armenian" "Muslims / Ottoman empire had a death march on the Armenians, they did the Armenian genocide" "This Fauci guy F---ed up his reputation as so many people have ended up dead when he was running CDC" "I feel like the Muslim community is being represented with negative profiling consistently all over the world" "The Muslim people are bein demonized all over the world" "I predict a nuclear weapon based attack might happen" "The media is using ISIS and Islamophobia interchangeably, some of my team's directors are recommending me to demote or sack/fire employees from that community" "That community is very negatively portrayed". "Exact same thing happened to Red Indians"

Hope for ending Israel Palestine conflict in Sri Lanka as we have experience in actually winning wars on terrorism; Shares ideas to help them with peace

36 - 40 minutes: "I hope we can resolve Palestinian Israel conflict, as unlike Singapore we have experience in winning wars" "The lifelong contempt is sad" "Their community leaders must do more to keep their people under control" "We are responsible for the Buddhist community, we never do anything bad to minorities" "We only acted in defense when there was an operation by that minority to harm our people in Ampara" "the Bodu Bala Sena hasn't murdered anyone" "the way that community behave is so ugly--they try to harm the innocent Jewish people in Israel" "If it's a land dispute, you should sort it in court, if the judge is Jewish, you have to solve that problem instead"

Enjoys Dilmah Tea; Suspicions on David Colin Thome; Stephen LaBrooy is unhappy he is affectionately called Seeya/ Grandpa

41 - 45 minutes: "I am having $50m Dilmah Tea brand Ginger tea" "I know the $900m Lipton Tea brand Freemason owners and the Unilver people" "I don't like how David Colin (Daniel Day Lewis, Gandhi) Thome is planting bad ideas in Merill J Fernando's mind" "If 100 violent Muslim terrorists were hung, the reputation of that community will be restored" "Even the Christians were violent in the past, they did the Holocaust, they colonized us, that is why they are even in Sri Lanka today" "Stephen threatens to slap people like me because they (Burghers) still imagine they are better than us" "Everyone wants to follow Lehan, nobody else is Hollywood tier celebrity like Lehan"

This is against Wix community standards, but is shared to comment on Nazi Germany Hitler's text books on racial superiority; Avishai Abrahami likes to read our Captain's Log too; The negative portrayal of Jewish people is disconcerting

46 - 50 minutes: Plots bullying "jokes" to roast more people "Jacques hates it when I say their community is smarter" "Jonathan is 165 IQ" "When genetic tests were done a long time ago, I saw, that the Tamils were marginally single digit IQ points smarter than my fellow Sinhalese according to a Hitler curriculum book" "I disagree with it because I think some Asian groups are smarter than the other Asian groups named in this book" "Jacques says some Jewish persons are bad" "Jacques says George Soros betrayed fellow Jews for money, Bernie Madoff did the Ponzi scheme, Jeffrey Epstein, raped kids, but they were smart to capably do that for so long" "I don't care -- I don't a handjob from 100s of small girls" "Howard Shaw in Singapore, Shaw family scion, also went to court with his wife, as he unknowingly had sex with underage girls, we had to dissociate with them" "I don't think it was correct to murder Epstein; a Pandora's Box will be left uncovered, as he had a lot of information" "Including Bill Clinton, or Prince Andrew" (Continued)

Jan 01, 2022 7:03:35am

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