22.Jan:12. Sujeewa Nelson; Jalani Premadasa; Tatyana Lee; Dilith Jayaweera all visit Lehan's FB

Sujeewa Nelson visits; Lehan proposes State Department strategy

Transcript: 31 - 35 minutes: "Oh you went to my university? Give me a call! I will hire you into my team!" Sujeewa Nelson = plans to deal with the US State Department using Israeli military diplomacy lobbying. Our highest priority goal as a team.

Linda Speldewinde visits, likes our design style; Steve Morrell visits, likes our business strategy; Malik Ranasinghe visits, is thankful he is not Channa Palansuriya and doesn't want to fail miserably as Sampath Bank's chairman

36 - 40 minutes: Linda Speldewinde, founder, Academy of Design Lehan promises he does not wish to "take DBU" Steve Morrell, Deputy Business Editor, Upali Newspapers Malik Ranasinghe, former chairman, Sampath Bank Lehan discuses loyalty to Gotabaya Segue

Lehan supports all sides as long as they are straightforward, transparent and doing things to help grow Sri Lanka; Doesn't support violent murder of many Sri Lankan civilian protestors who couldn't survive under Ranasinghe Premadasa's regime

41 - 49 minutes: Jalani Jayawardana Premadasa, Sajith Premadasa's wife "maybe next year is coming this year" "He came for my father's funeral". "I write entertaining stories". "We're more than happy to work with you". "I hear stories that Vijaya, Lalith were killed by Premadasa". "We don't care about parties". "We can give money to anyone, even the JVP communists". "We can give you money to fund a sanitary napkins for free project to help poor, vulnerable women". "I don't know if Upali Wijewardene was killed by him". "We have access to a lot of data, we know the people at Facebook and at Google, we can share insights with you". "We know the top people at big tech: Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook and Microsoft". "I'm not Jewish, I'm a Sinhalese, I'm secular Buddhist". "I'm upset Premadasa closed Israeli embassy that JR opened to make business easier with the United States of America." "We have good personal chemistry with the Jews". "I'm disappointed and shocked President Gotabaya is charging a 25% tax surcharge on profits". "I'm quite impartial politically". "I hope to see progress". "Anoma aunty, Daya Gamage uncle and Chamindra wrote my personal statement in my UCAS application to university."

Hopes that Dilith and Hans will one day run the country

49 - 55 minutes: Dilith Jayaweera, chairman, Derana and George Stuart Group I think Dilith Jayaweera and Hans Wijesuriya should run the country. When Hans was talking, I was sad Ranil Wickremesinghe was snoring to mock him. Mocks Hamas in Palestine. Racist-ly blocks someone "'cause (assumption) you don't support Israel".

Shows friendliness and good faith to the Rajapaksas, who suspiciously appear, just when Premadasa shows up, which indicates political collusion

56 - 60 minutes: Tatyana Lee Jayaratne, Rajapaksa family (abruptly forgets the lies he uttered just 5 minutes ago to Jalani Premadasa) "Puthula's friend" "My mum's family is loyal to Rajapaksa family" "they're socialists and stuff" "I'm not so social, I don't leave the office now due to Covid 19" "My Jewish friends in Israel are very powerful". "They are happy to read stuff in the BBC" "We are your partners" "Good things will happen" "Nithiesha has visited my grandma's funeral" "Sean Samarasinghe, also visited, he rushed past my security team, loudly bashed into my room, and then, he woke me up to drag me to my grandma's funeral". "his guys must've told him, your friend Lehan, his uncle Thilanga's mum died, he must've thought, oh my friend, oh my friend, I must visit him!" "we're going to be a very advanced developed country because of the Rajapaksa family" "I believe the minorities feel scared of and are inventing stories like Wasim Thajudeen to try to destroy the Rajapaksa family" "They (Palestinians) murdered JFK's brother Robert" "nobody in my whole family likes them" "we're very loyal to our friends" "we will protect our friends in the international media" "I was sad Mahesh Dharmadasa is taking sides against Rajapaksas despite his cousin Nithiesha marrying in" "Normally, what bothers me the most is when the US State Department complains about war crimes to me" "Friends like Tim Wyatt at BBC can help us"

Jan 01, 2022 5:06:56pm

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