22.Jan:13. People's Bank chairman Sujeewa Rajapaksa and Dilmah's director Malik J Fernando shows up

Transcript: 61 - 70 minutes: Weerasena, my security officer is here "He's going to get some new nice shiny automatic rifles from our friends in Israel (-- or Famas from France or maybe just the H&K 416s from Germany") Fawns over Sheranya De Silva Fawns over "another nice girl" Sujeewa Rajapaksa, chairman, People's Bank "Denzil Perera, says he knows you" "I don't have any dispute with Ayeshah" "We have a lot of plans to help the Muslim community" "I have read the Quran, I read Mohammad Yusuf Ali translation which my grandma's Muslim manager Nawaz Raheem's son Afflli gave me" "I read the Sahih Buhari translation Hadith as well" "I think it's pretty cool -- makes sense to me!" "BBC is no longer making a big fuss about amputating the hands of thieves" "Things turned out well--nobody died, nobody went to jail, nobody is crying". "Ayeshah can sing the Colors of Allah song" "I hope it solves the misunderstandings between our communities completely" "I suffer from complex PTSD, I get flashbacks" Saroj uncle's son Jayan Onel "Saroj uncle's problem is he is not making tyres in Sri Lanka -- I talked to Dulip Perera about it" Malik J Fernando, director, Dilmah "Charith's dad is his friend" "Mahinda Samarasinghe, plantations minister back then, his son Sean tried to drag me to see tea estates" "Sean lives in Buller's Lane, near Raju Sooraj Radha's house which they won back, near Jayantha Dharmadasa's house--we were smoking weed, Sean showed me some tea guy Mahinda has fired" "I don't care about your politics with Gotabaya Rajapaksa and campaigns" "I saw your Dilmah is making $50 or 60m dollars with $10m in net profits (you can pay good salaries to the slave plantation workers or avoid mixing with Kenyan tea that dilutes the brand)" "I'm a Freemason, we are supposed to help Lipton Tea, as they are Freemasons too" "Lipton is making $900m and is with Unilever or something although I am not sure about soon" "We can help you with product placement in Hollywood movies, to market Dilmah brand tea" "I suspect that some Dutch Burgher Union members have in the past tried to set Sinhalese against each other which wasn't good" "In Jaws, in Jaws 2, they drink Coca Cola, it is marketing, it works, it is a clever paid commercial" "Charith's not part of our team, as he left SL, but there's many people on our team to speak with" "I want to see a fellow Sri Lankan successful" "I would love to help you succeed further" "I am sure we can make Dilmah a billion dollar brand" "I completely understand and agree with Merill Joseph Fernando's ideas on protecting Ceylon Tea brand". Ideas shared generously

Jan 01, 2022 5:23:25pm

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