22.Jan:14. Santhush Weeraman; SLIIT President Lalith Gamage; Synack EMEA VP Ron Peeters shows up

Transcript: 1 hour + 11 to 20 minutes / 71 - 80 minutes: Santhush Weeraman, leading singer "I hope you can sing some of our songs" "Very entertaining songs" Lalith Gamage, President, SLIIT "you can send your graduates, but we are moving our operations overseas to serve our customers better" "We have two sides to our business at cyb spc . com now, it's the operating (plus marketing) and the technology side, where there's an abundance of opportunities available" "I think Thilanga uncle was handling Moratuwa, I went political campaigning with him there, you can speak to him if you wish to do so for personal comfort" Ron Peeters, VP EMEA, Synack "There's some issues with the US State Department" "we are working on this, but the Russians and Chinese have sadly taken the lead and signed national security deals in our lapse of strategic judgement" "we have high confidence we can still succeed" Talks about movies "My family makes movies" "We need good photographers" "I'm removing you as a suggested friend, but no offense intended" Complaints about Channa Palansuriya "it's endangered my health, I'm very disappointed" "i regret introducing Bhante Saranapala to Jonathan Hirshon, it's embarrassing" "I guess, we can use this story to achieve some goals" "I'm lucky we have a good team, they will put in the efforts required to get this done" "It's quite disgusting" "Don't pretend to be friends with us" "I don't go to your family events" "Don't be a cheap F---ing guy" "I don't pick up the phone when Jagath uncle calls, as I only worry about repeats of Channa tier problems" 1 hour + 21 to 30 minutes/ 81 - 90 minutes: Jagath uncle may have wanted to discuss Israel Palestine over the phone, or regarding Colombo International School, because I don't care. These calls are tapped. I'm sad that things didn't happen. It's not good for any of us. I'm happy to talk to Zuckerberg or people like that, I will get along with them. You can speak to these guys locally. Threatens Ajith Salgado, that the military will be intervening the next time. "I think Channa is a real S O B, b-st-rd" lists a few bad words very angrily. "You're used to dealing with these locals" "Kondannya Hamaduru, thinks Bhante Saranapala is a foreigner, a Bangladeshi, he did nothing, I don't think he is a monk" "Thilanga and these people have to do it next time" "These important people are coming in now" "They will deal with you"

Jan 01, 2022 5:43:04pm

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