22.Jan:6. Sexually violated by female friends; Making killers; Rehearsing New Script for Greg Lansky


Lehan feels sexually violated; Lehan cries about being touched by girls without his consent; Lehan wickedly tries to teach his friends how to do cool stuff like him, so that they also become cool people who are killers and not duds

51 - 55 minutes: "I haven't raped anybody" "I know you can't touch a girl's important parts without her consent--such as the ass or breasts" "Girls come and touch me" "Danila Conrad touched me" "Maria Da Paz touched me" "I felt sad, I felt violated, that they touched me -- like that" "Maria hugged me -- I was going to complain to the Principal--Daniela was rubbing herself on me, Ellie Miller was rubbing herself on me--I felt ashamed" *sob, sob, Lehan starts to cry uncontrollably* "Only thing bad I have ever done" "I only tried to teach Pauline how to amputate someone's hand, so I wanted to see if you can stop Pauline Weiss' bloodflow in her elbow" "She tried to do it herself" "As she's white/ Caucasian, her blue elbow vein is visible, it is high contrast on her white pale skin, she is a bit of a Goth person (Yasendra Amarasinghe), so I wanted to see if the other side of the vein would change colors" "Pauline should get me FAMAS rifles (French make), she should be pleased to pour Champagne (Champagne Region of France), I am just like Queen Elizabeth (who also drinks a glass of champagne every day)" "Jacques says Dom Perignon (French) champagne uses a special white grape" "Pauline is the girl next door, she was my flatmate"

There is a job for everybody; The French friend's job is to talk to Lansky, supply champagne and Famas rifles; Rehearses a new Alec Baldwin Western script with Pauline for Greg Lansky

56 - 60 minutes: "She has to talk to Greg Lansky" "He's doing Blacked, Tushy, but not Vixen" "Tell Lansky, that these guys have to make a movie called Rust or something and there was a mishap" "They should give us the India market, and also, the right to charge whatever fees they want" "Or else they will film Rust in Lansky's office" "Lemme check my Rust script" "There's act 1, act 2 and act 3" Lehan reads a piece of dialogue from 'a script'. "I don't want to share any spoilers" 61 - 65 minutes: "I will send a copy of this script to you" "You better F---ing get me that deal!" "Tell that French champagne company if they don't sign a deal, we'll blacklist them in Sri Lanka" "If Famas say no, we will buy Israeli Tavors! Or get the H&K 416 rifles instead!" ***


I read this on Friday, December 31st at 6:30 p.m. 1. Marillyn Hewson retired. Jim Taiclet is the new Lockheed Martin CEO. 2. Well, it is petty fucking entertaining! Hehehe

Jan 01, 2022 7:04:10am

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