22.Jan:8. SL CERT Program Manager Asanka Suraweera shows; Sad 100s Pakistanis lynch Priyantha Kumara

wk 49 in 2021: Sunday, December 5th at 9:45 p.m.

CERT Program Manager Asanka Suraweera shows up; Upset over Priyantha Kumara's murder by 100+ angry lynch mob in Pakistan; Feels ashamed of the terrorist community; Mike Pompeo's visit to Sri Lanka used a big convoy as he represents US President as his Foreign Minister

Transcript: 1 - 5 minutes: Lehan is showing his face as you can do so. Lehan is having a 15 day ban on Facebook. Lehan reads through his People You May Know list. "This guy Asanka Sanjaya Suraweera is a program manager at CERT--we should help him defend against threats" "This guy Harsha has mutual friends with me" "I'm moving this here, so you can see my beautiful face" "This guy's got a lot of followers" "I was sad to see this (murder of Priyanta Kumara)" "I don't want to say anything in bad temper" "I feel very angry" "The guy who got murdered just threw something in the bin, the poster was written in Arabic--he probably didn't know" "If someone threw/ smashed a Buddha statue in the ground, or threw a Buddhist book in the bin, I would be hurt, but I wouldn't murder him with an angry mob of 100" "what's sad is 113 people have been arrested by Imran Khan the prime minister of Pakistan" "I did some research, Jit Warnakulasuriya, says Shanil owns this firm Sysco Labs, he knows him" "Amith says his cousin sister got killed on Easter Sunday attacks, he says his office windows had to be blacked out under orders from US Embassy" "I saw previous Secretary of State Mike (Michael) Pompeo, had visited the churches, with his big convoy of vehicles" "We are mostly into hacking but we handle APIs and stuff for other companies and stuff" "We work in close partnership with various firms" 6 - 10 minutes: "Can show Sampath Jayasundra, cousin Chadu says he knows those people" "Kavishka looks a bit like me" "Ooh he's streaming on Twitch" "I like to play video games, but I'm just too overwhelmed with my work now" "Dilshan Senaratne is the EME and APAC marketing guy for Virtusa Corp" "He's also been at Triad Advertising" (Incomplete) (Continued)

Jan 01, 2022 7:43:44am

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