Website Details

We are proud of our stunning Wix website. We designed our defence firm's secure website to provide easy, safe and fun use with simple, intuitive and minimalist layouts, interfaces and navigation. 


Table of Contents

1. Sitemap along with URL links
2. Organisational Layout Structure of website
3. Web Design decisions
4. Website Performance (Loading Times)

5. Wix Founder/ CEO Avishai Abrahami

6. Website Security Strategies

1. Sitemap 

A sitemap is information (XML file) for search engines (maybe webmasters) to help make our website appear on search results (example: Google).


You may find sitemaps by typing the website's URL along with a term in URL path/ slug.


Only the Index below is a Main type and the Others is a Fallback type, the rest are Secondary sitemaps.

1. Index

2. Pages

3. New Wix Blog

4. Wix Stores

5. Wix Bookings

6. Wix Forum

7. Wix Events

8. Members

9. Wix Data & router pages

10. Others (This sitemap is used for all pages that don't belong to any other type)


2. Outline/ Layout of our Website for your convenience

1. Home Page

Landing page instantly provides website visitors an overview/ summary/ snapshot of our firm, along with public photographs to establish credibility. 

a. Entry Page

Though disabled, may be accessed. Acts like an entrance point like a concierge, reception or hospital channelling booth to direct visitors to where they wish to go. Site raters (i.e. Google, Light House) only measure first page, so this can help improve performance scores if manipulated.

2. Story

This contains insights into Sri Lanka which can help people who associate with us make well informed decisions.

a. Ancient History

This contains interesting stories on Sri Lanka's past which helps to explain our current situation.

b. Modern History

Recent history and politics in Sri Lanka exploring how we ended up in our present.

c. National Security

This explores our industry and how we operate.

d. Organisations

Lists the stories behind our most prestigious organisations.

e. People

Lists out the celebrated people who lend character to Sri Lanka and contributed to our success.

3. Game

This is the equivalent of product/ solution/ service. If we wrote the service we provide: penetration testing for example, it can be confusing. So, we explain how we make an impact on behalf of our partners.

a. Showcase Portfolio

This contains a few vendors our partner Athena Dynamics has prioritised for prospects. We have displayed these, though we often advocate certain narrow strategies in terms of national security as opposed to other principal's vendor solutions; such as specific methods of pen testing.

b. Vendors Inventory List

We have spoken to and listed out all major vendors (including those blacklisted as a national security/ enemy espionage threat by Shavendra Silva and Dr Hans Wijayasuriya) for easy reference.

4. Hero

This section contains details about our company such as our team, our leaders and advisors, even upcoming advisors for our growing corporation. It also contains our business registration documentation, information on our shareholders and also how we distribute our earnings.

5. Win

Guidelines on how we try to secure agreements.

6. Facts

Interesting facts and features of our unique firm.

7. Join

How to join us in our efforts or retain our services as a client.

8. Services

This section is hidden, but can be accessed. It is a list of services we are capable of offering with our partners.

We have a few Service options which have decided to hide although they can be fully accessed with a password.

9. Technology

This contains a list of categories of technologies we are capable of offering with our partners.

10. Defence

List of military hardware we are capable of offering with our partners to Ministry of Defence of Republic of Sri Lanka.

11. Learn

Exciting opportunities to learn more about cyber and insight on how to stay updated.

12. Contact

How to contact us if needed.

12.9. Facebook

Our official Facebook page.

14. Instagram

Our official Instagram page.

15. Terms

Terms and conditions and maybe a legal disclaimer as to how to use our solutions or firm.

16. Privacy

Our policy regarding privacy, cookies and user data.

17. FAQ

A list of frequently asked questions.

18. Sitemap (here)

Information on our website.

19. Rites

Artifacts and details for our community.

20. Jobs

This contains partner opportunities with our firm. 


3. Web design decisions

We wanted to make our website as easy to use intuitively, navigate, accessible, simple and fun as possible. To this end, we have used a number of strategies. 

1. Colours 

There is no white or black colour used. These colours are sharp contrast and hurt the user's eyes.


Instead, the white you see us use, if you tilt your desktop or look carefully at your mobile browser, is a shade of pink called "Snow White". 


There are 3 shades of grey we use for text: darker for heading, dark grey for content and lighter grey for lists.

This makes it is easier to read through what is written.

2. Content/ Text Line Width 

The lines of text we read are all narrow. It starts at 10 pixels or px and it stretches to 490 pixels, so, it is always 480 pixels or px wide text. 

It is easier for the human eye to track these lines of text. If we had used the length of the browser, so, wider text, it would have been harder and more painful to read.

3. Font

We use only one font: Arial. This is because Arial is found in most desktops and computers, meaning, that this will be loaded quickly. 

If we use fancier fonts, such as those found in Google's free Font options, then it would need to be downloaded first.

Yes, it is true, there is an argument that some font families are more humanistic and have been designed for use on websites, and also, that Arial is outdated.

We still standby Arial as we prize website loading times, the concept of familiarity and draw attention away from the design of the font onto the content and meaning of th words.

Arial is a Sans Serif font, Times New Roman is a Serif font. Serif refers to the small curve at the tip of a letter's character, such as in a "T", there is a cap on the ends of the T like this "T". 

If we were to write a sentence in Times New Roman, it would look like this instead: 

" Arial is a Sans Serif font, Times New Roman is a Serif font. Serif refers to the small curve at the tip of a letter's character, such as in a "T", there is a cap on the ends of the T like this "T". "


There is a lot of research on this divisive, controversial and subjective topic. Some in the Serif camp argue it is easier to follow the lines due to the tip end caps, others disagree vocally.

After much thought, decided Arial and Sans Serif is easier to read than Serif fonts and so, we switched to Arial.


Previously, we used Lora (Serif) and other fonts. 


Some websites such as BBC or leading newspapers or web sites such as Apple or Facebook use special fonts.


Some sites allow you to choose between Serif and Sans Serif fonts depending on your browser settings, we disabled this setting to improve speeds.

4. Character and Line Spacing

We use character and line spacing to enhance legibility.


We use 0.05 character spacing, which refers to the space in between letters in a word. 


Research suggests any line spacing above 120% or 1.2 is good, and even a line spacing of 200% or 2 is suitable.


We decided, just like a lot of other websites, that our sweet spot is 140% or 1.4x line spacing.


This makes it easier to read what we write.


5. Layout and Structure


We have used a grid layout to make it easier to navigate. The website is 980 pixels in width, as this is the fallback max resolution in most desktop browsers.

We divided the 980 to 490 pixels and made a grid based on a division of the 980. 

The text starts from 10 pixels, always. This is to make it look aesthetically pleasing.

We have also attempted to use a minimalist approach of less is more, as our website visitors are busy professionals. 


6. Photographs


We have added as many photographs as possible because this is pleasing to look at -- and it conveys our message.

There are 12 + 17 = 29 photos in our home page, if pictures speak a 1,000 words, then 29 pictures will say 29,000 words that speak volumes about our credibility than any words.

Actions speak louder than words, deeds are worth more than words, these pictures can never be found in other websites or in any other companies in Asia, let alone Sri Lanka. 

7. Less Videos

We disabled and removed videos, including autoloading and automatically playing videos on our home page. 

Although, these are attractive, they delay the load times of our website, increasing our bounce rate which refers to how visitors abandon use of our site as it loads slowly.

The only video you find are found in other carefully placed sections of our website, where the User will be happy to let it load slowly to watch it.

8. No Animations

We disabled and removed animations from our home page and from our website in its entirety. 

With Wix, you can easily add animations and design effects, but this will result in slower website loading times. 

If you inspect the website, you see, that these animations use JavaScript, and they take up a lot of resources to load.

Therefore, we totally removed these unnecessary codes to improve loading times.

9. Cautious/ Reduced Use of Code

We cautiously use JavaScript to make our Wix Strips and certain aspects of elements like our Header and Footer and other elements load a certain way:

We need it to extend to a certain length of the visitor's browser, so it resizes and scales to fit responsively.

We have compromised to delay our loading times for security reasons because we are a defence firm, these measures, are not shared with the public.

These counterintelligence strategies include modifying the code we use and even removing certain features that is explained further later onwards in this webpage: Sitemap.

These tactics include counterintuitively removing the Content Security Policy header from our website. 

We have also removed any opportunity for transactions on our website for security reasons.


10. British English Language Only

We used to have a Sinhala, Tamil, Chinese and all major language translations of our Wix website utilising Wix Multi lingual technology -- powered by Google Translate.

However, we chose to disable this as we prefer to stick with just one language: English (British); in a bid to marginally improve our website loading times.

Website users can opt to translate this website's content using translation technology such as Google Translate.

We also do not want to undertake any risks associated with translation because if there is a wrongly translated word in Sinhala or Tamil language, it can lead to legal trouble. 

This is because some user's might see certain words in their native language and interpret a completely different meaning to this term that can confuse and upset them.

Worse, in advanced technology or international business, there are new solutions developed every day, that do not have a Sinhala, Tamil or Chinese equivalent, that if we try to translate, can be troublesome.

English language euphemisms or figures of speech used by sales people are confusing to some parties. 

11. Avoiding Technical/ Business Vocabulary 

Technical industry specific terminology will not be understood by those who read those words.


So, we intentionally "dumb it down" to make our content easier to understanding without altering intended meanings.


 4. Website Performance (i.e. Loading Times)

We work hard to keep our website's loading times as quick as attainable.

This includes intentional design decisions such as to stop use of videos or high resolution byte heavy images, compress files, etc.


Our website provider Wix has a downside: their website loading times are notoriously delayed and slow.


With Wix's competitor WordPress, there is an option to use alternative providers of hosting providers, including, options to choose who the Content Delivery Partner (CDN) is.

Some of those CDN partners will make sure that the website loads quickly because they have better servers in more locations.

We know every second counts, and usually, a user will leave/ abandon a website if the site takes longer than 3 seconds to load.


Every extra seconds increases the likelihood of a website visitor leaving by 60%. 

We have still decided to use Wix because the loading times appear to be favourable for us when we tested our website.

We have shared results of performance tests on our website loading times using different testing testing services at different times.

The results vary at alternative times, we shared top scores only.

These results are provided below for your review -- and may be magnified for closer inspection (we have included a Rihanna song in a browser tab as we love her music). 

The website loads in under 3 seconds, at most 6 seconds


We entice visitors with homepage contents enough to browse information provided on our site even if some sections load more slowly.

We carefully studied major websites globally and local firm's websites for performance; our website performed better.

The testing services we used were GT Metrix, Google's Web Dev / Measure ("Light House") and Developer . Google Page Insights solutions.

47 web rating on April 25 2021
48 web rating on April 25 2021
Google Web Rating 88 on April 25 2021
Google 2 Web Rating 92 on April 25 2021
Google 2 Mob Rating 54 on April 26 2021
GT web rating on April 25 2021 part 1
GT web rating on April 25 2021 part 2
GT web rating on April 25 2021 part 3
GT 2 web rating April 25 2021 part 1
GT 2 web rating April 25 2021 part 2
GT 2 web rating April 25 2021 part 3
GT 2 web rating April 25 2021 part 4
page insights results desktop 07 May 202
gt metrix results 07 May 2021
google lighthouse web dev measure 07 May
show off the power.png

6. Website Security

We have policies to keep our Wix website safe. As a policy, a fail safe precaution, we never conduct business online.


The business we do, is often just to sign agreements, involving very large sums of money, that is done in person.


This website is only ever used for providing information, coordinating and to impress visitors.

Yes, our Wix website can take payments online, but we work in the cyber security industry and know just how dangerous this is.

It is never possible to ensure 100% security on the internet for any kind of real business transactions. 

There are known Vulnerabilities on many websites, including our website that can be detected and patched. 

Over here, we contacted Wix Security Team, and here is the interesting insight they decided to confide with us:



Thank you for reaching out to us, we take security issues very seriously and are committed to protecting our users' data and private information. We are aware of the new version of the Lo-Dash library, and have already evaluated the vulnerabilities associated with the version we currently use, and have determined that our systems and security are not affected by these vulnerabilities.


Our various security teams keep tabs on and stay up to date with any and all of the vulnerabilities related to our systems and any libraries in our code. If the vulnerabilities with the current version we have in place did affect Wix's systems we would both identify it and take action to upgrade the library immediately.


Due to the nature of how we utilize this library and other factors like existing security at other layers, the warning you are seeing is essentially stating "there are some vulnerabilities on x.y.z version, which your site/platform uses" however although yes those vulnerabilities do exist, they do not apply to the Wix Platform and how we use or implement the library. Our Security teams are aware of and account for any vulnerabilities related to any technology we may use.


That being said we are taking steps to upgrade the library to avoid the out-of-date warnings from third party scanners even though it does not point to a vulnerability on the Wix platform at this time.


It's possible that some third party scans fail on Wix sites, but that doesn't always mean your site is vulnerable. We run regular scans and audits with internal and external teams to ensure that Wix sites and user data remain secure. These external scanning tools are designed for traditionally hosted websites, however Wix websites are built and operate differently, they are more like a complicated JavaScript applications that are being viewed via your web browser. Thus, the results that you're seeing are not completely relevant to Wix websites.


To get details on all the steps we take to protect your information, please see the following article: Security of Wix's Sign Up Services and User Information.


Wix has as well been audited and certified as ISO 27001 compliant, that outlines industry best practices for managing security risks. Wix maintains it's standing in the following compliances such as:


1. ISO 27001 information Security

2  ISO 27018  Cloud Privacy

3.  PCI DSS Level 1 (merchant & service provide)


You can find all the compliance details in the article here: Security of Wix's Billing Services and PCI Compliance.


We thank you for paying close attention to how we operate our website for Cyberspace Command (Private) Limited.